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  • Engineered doors and Doors Frames
  • Fire Doors & Frames
  • Flush / Skin Doors & Moulded Doors
  • Louver panel & glass Doors, Solid Wood
    Engineered doors and Doors Frames

    An engineered door uses methodic skills to combine various  materials to create a door with excellent finish and detailing. These doors have the elegance of solid wood doors, yet they are eco-friendly, as they use very little volume of real wood, that is only on the peripherals of sections pertaining to the stiles and rails. It contains PEFC certified tubular board in between.

    Moreover, engineered doors & doorframes come in made-to-order sizes & quantities and are ready to fit. Quite an advantage for developers!

    We also make louvered & glass doors in both variants, engineered and solid wood.

    Doors can also be made entirely of solid wood.
    We are among the few companies who can supply the complete door set which includes doors, doorframes and beautifully matched architraves.

    Tebular Partical Boards

    The structure of Tubular Partical board is based on the age-old engineering principle of bridge arcs. Like a bridge construction, Tubular core provides an ideal combination of light weight and powerful resistance. Compared to solid doors the weight of Tubular core is reduced by up to 60%. This impressive fact proves that high quality doors do not have to be heavy.

    Tubular and solid cores have a very low thickness swelling, which is unusual for wood based materials. This makes them particularly suitable for doors with delicate surface. The special positioning ofthe particles guarantees a very high impact resistance. Doors with Tubular core stand the greatest impact in spite of large diameter of the tube. Plus, it is termite and borer resistance.

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